3 Tests to Check if Your Honey is Pure or Fake

We all know that honey has many health benefits, which is mainly due to the great  number of vitamins and minerals it contains.

However, this is only true in pure honey and much of what you find in the supermarket-yNot pure honey. A lot of times, honey is mixed with sugar in solutions or other honey with a high amount from water. This process is called being adulterated and it takes away from the health benefits that it has you receive from home.

So, how do you know if your honey is pure? Today we will fully discuss that.

1. Sclerosis of honey

Take a look at the bottle and see what the honey inside of it looks like. Overtime, all honey crystallizes into something that looks like a granulated sugar. If it crystallizes in a store, this is pure honey. If it is liquid, can you wait to see if it solidifies. And put it in the refrigerator speed so that the process. If your honey never turns into crystals, then it is likely that you do not have pure honey On your hands.

2. Read a label

Before purchasing any products, you should always learn to read labels. Make sure that the ingredients list for honey does not contain high fructose corn Syrup or glucose. These are two substances that are usually added to honey which prevent it from hardening. Companies also add this to honey so they get more honey from their batch.

3. Try it out

There are other test methods to see if you have pure honey: Mix some honey with water, then add four or five drops of vinegar. If the liquid turns foamy, this is not pure honey. It can be an additive called gypsum for it. Mix a tablespoon of honey with water. If honey melts easily, it is not pure, and pure honey should remain intact when dipping it In the water. Use a match to try to burn honey, as pure honey will light up and burn due to Sugar content.

Others low-grade honey typically contain water that would prevent it from lighting and burning. Put some honey on a spoon and keep it up. If the honey falls quickly, then this is not pure honey. Good quality, pure honey, will stay on a spoon or fall off ever too slowly.

Use a small piece of old, stale bread and put it in honey. Leave it in ten minutes, then pull out of the honey. If the bread is still hard, then you have pure honey. If honey and water are added, the bread will be moist. You can also use iodine to determine impure honey. Just mix honey and water and a few drops of iodine. If the mixture turns blue, then honey has a kind of added flour or starch in that.

Testing your honey will make sure that you have pure and pure honey that will provide You the health benefits of honey that you know and care about. Do you buy honey often? Did you know that honey can be tampered with by the manufacturer to better satisfy their bottom Line, not your health? Sound off in the comment section to continue this discussion. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends!

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