Black Seed Oil Benefits

Black seed oil has been used for centuries to treat many different ailments. It has been used most extensively throughout the Middle East and India and has been coined the seed of blessings.

With nearly 500,000 people going to the emergency room each year due to kidney stones, a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial on black seed oil is offering people a chance for a treatment that is based from food. In the 60 participant study, one group received 1000 mg of black seed oil per day while the other received a placebo. After 10 weeks of treatment, the results were rather astonishing.

Nearly 45% of the black seed oil group completely excreted their stones, while nearly 52 % had a decrease in stone size and 3 % had no change in stone size. The placebo group on the other hand had a 15 % excretion rate and an 11% decrease rate.15 % also had an increase in stone size and 58% had no change in stone size. In other words, the black seed oil group were 3 times more likely to completely dissolve and excrete their stone and were nearly 5 times more likely to have a decrease in their stone size. Other studies have shown how black seed oil supports blood sugar balance, brain health, cardiovascular health, respiratory health, hair and skin health and much more.


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